Guaranteed Best Prices, Availability and Delivery


Benefits of Franchise Investment :

  • Your own daily updated ecommerce portal in your currency, providing your customers with 24/7 access to, over 1,800,000 (2 Million) of your products.
  • With new manufacturers, Vendors and thousands of New Products added weekly. The internet has changed everything!
  • Guaranteed competitive Prices & Availability.
  • Direct, Authorization from Major Brand Name, Tier 1 and 2 Manufacturers for your respective countries.
  • Franchise Investment starting from US $1000 Depending on Territory.
  • The I.T / Computer industry is the fastest growing, one of the most Solid and Dynamic, Recession proof industries in the world.
  • Computron will ship directly from North America, Europe and Far East to all Franchise Partners, Upto 20% savings on double freight, Handling and Logistic costs.

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    Reasons to consider the COMPUTRON Franchise :

    There are probably two reasons, Why you are considering the COMPUTRON Franchise.

    1) Either you are already in the same Industry or line of Business.

    If you are looking to expand your current IT/Consumer Electronics Business, again for a small nominal investment you can take your company to the next level and your customers will have 24/7 access to over 2 million products you sell!

    Instead of say opening a new Retail outlet and pay Goodwill, and lots of monthly expenses, the COMPUTRON investment is a one time investment For LIFE!


    2) You are thinking of investing as a new Business altogether.

    Points to be consider:

    a)  Investment :- for what you invest - Please see all advantages

    b)  Industry :- The IT/Computer Industry is the most Dynamic and secure industry Globally.

    c)  Competition :- Under the COMPUTRON umbrella, Global offices, Purchasing power, Logistics savings, Exclusivity, Ecommerce Portal 24/7 access etc, you are already way ahead of your competition.

    d)  "Type" of Business :- In comparison to Retail, wholesale etc, with internet Business your investment in one time, in Comparison to Goodwill, Rent, Employees etc. The internet is the future! See what percentage of your country is connected to the internet. (


    For example, In Kenya as at Sept 2020 , there are over 46 Million Internet Users, which is over 87% of entire population ,and the all over the world, internet users increasing fast, that’s the potential market, (Dubai), in conjunction with our North American Offices and affiliates in Europe, Hong Kong, Singapore & Japan(Asia), would like to introduce to you our New Subscription Business Model, and for only $499.00 per month (no long term contract or commitment)

    For only $499.00 per month, You can Offer, Your potential customers;

    * We will build your Company YOUR own e-commerce portal (similar to you can choose your own Design)..... with latest Daily updates, of Over 3 Million Worldwide /Global I.T/Computer, Electronics and Office Products on YOUR own e-commerce Portal (including Rich content with images, Technical specifications etc). Your customers will view your selling prices with your own profit Margins (in your local currency), decided and controlled by you.

    * In addition to the 3 Million products you can add an unlimited number of your own products

    * You are not obliged to buy from us, you can buy from any of your preferred suppliers, if you decide to buy from us, We will make sure you are most competitive as we offer the Best;

    Prices - With our Global/Worldwide Purchasing Power and huge volumes.

    Availability - By taking advantage of our 7 Global/worldwide shipping ports.

    Delivery - Both in terms of time and costs our volumes and long term relationships with the largest Global Freight providers will be applied.

    To get started;

    By initially paying a small set up Fee, of $1000.00, we will develop your e-commerce portal within 4 weeks, once you are live online with over 3 Million I.T/Computer, Electronic and Office Products uploaded (daily updates)on YOUR e-commerce portal, and ready to start selling, on a monthly basis we will charge you $499.00/month ,with no contract or commitment, you can cancel at any time with a 30 day notice).

    Get started and Today, Offer over 3 Million, I.T/Computer, Electronic and Office Products to the Millions internet users in your country and start Winning More Business immediately!