Guaranteed Best Prices, Availability and Delivery


Q1) What is Computron Franchise?

A.1) The COMPUTRON Franchise is a Solid, turnkey Business OPPORTUNITY, to take your Company to the next level, way ahead of your competition. You will be the EXCLUSIVE COMPUTRON Distributor in your country, with the opportunity to supply Over 2 Million products (from North American, European , Middle East and the Far East- 7 countries in total ) consisting of all Major brand names of I.T. / Computers, Consumer Electronics & Office products on your own Exclusive e-commerce /online portal (automatically updated hourly with complete details - images, description, technical specifications etc.,) in your country and currency.

For Additional advantages ;

Q2) We have many competitors, how will the COMPUTRON Franchise, make my company more effective in the Market ?


  • Your Company will be the only One, in your Country, that provides the Market with an e-commerce / online option including a virtual Showroom, open 24/7/365, offering over 2 Million products, providing the best mix of Prices, Availability and Delivery.
  • Price - COMPUTRON purchases, globally (since 1992) to supply over 80 countries in large volumes and our Global Purchasing Power, discounts and rebates will be passed on to you to making you Price definitely competitive.(also see Question #3 )
  • Price & Availability - COMPUTRON supplies products from the USA, UK, ME and Far East ( 7 countries ) , and therefore in terms of Price, Availability and Deliveries you be will be aggressively positioned.
  • Your Logistics and Supply chain SAVINGS can add up to 30% !
  • Your Overheads / Expenses will be drastically lower as your e-commerce portal includes a built in, integrated, automated - Sales, Purchases, ERP / Accounting, CRM and logistics Modules, making you more competitive and profitable.

We Offer Exclusive NEW Close Out, Volume Discounts and Remanufactured Deals,providing you with monopoly status on these products.

Q3)For items/ products , that I can source better locally initially ( due to lower volumes and as I will import by air ) , can I add products and or change prices of existing products, as per my other suppliers ?

A.3) Yes ! You can do both, add new products & brands and change prices of existing products that you prefer to purchase from other suppliers, and update prices accordingly .

Q4) For the once in a life time Franchise Fee of only $1000.00 , what do I get ?


  1. An EXCLUSIVE , eCommerce Portal , with over 2 Million products and counting (new models , products updated every day) for your country in your currency with an ERP/ Accounting module, Customer Relationship management , CRM module, a Logistic module, and, Sales and Marketing modules ,all valued at over $200,000.00 for only $000.00
  2. Direct supply from the USA , Canada, U.K , Dubai , Hong Kong and Singapore - Value ? Priceless !
  3. Opportunity to sell and profit on Over 2 Million I.T /Computer, Consumer Electronics and Office products (the only I.T/ Computer, Consumer Electronics and Office products e-commerce Franchise in the world) – in addition a Virtual 24/7/365 Shop Value ? Priceless.
  4. New ! Mobile APP . . . . . .Value ?

Q5)What is the typical / average, Return On Investment (R.O.I.) period ?

A.5)Maximum only 3 to 6 months. (including inventory /stocks turnover ).

Q6)Will the Franchisee have an added advantage in terms of Prices & Availability?

A.6)Yes most, Definitely. In addition to preferential Prices , products will be shipped to the Franchise partners directly from source (USA, Canada, Europe, Middle East or Far East), and as a Franchisee you will get priority on Availability.

Q7) What rights do i receive when I purchase a franchise?

A.7)As a Computron franchisee you have the Exclusive rights to your own e-commerce portal for a lifetime period in a designated country.

Q8) If I send in an application, does it commit me to anything?

A.8) Absolutely not ! Submitting your application simply allows us to get to know you better. It gives us the chance to review your potential, as well as your area(s) of interest. Your application is completely confidential.

Q9) Who can I sell to?

A.9) You can sell to Everybody ! either sell B2B (Business to Business), Wholesale / Distribution to Resellers and Dealers, or you can sell B2C (Business to Consumers) selling directly to the Government, NGOs, Parastatals, Corporate / Corporations, Companies, end-users, the entire Market !

Q10) How long does the complete set up process take?

A.10) The application process can be completed in as little as 7 to 10 days, This allows you enough time to complete the telephone interviews, review the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) etc, Your e-commerce portal will take another 7 to 10 days, Therefore, you can be up and running in maximum 30 days!

Q11) When can I review the Franchise Agreement?

A.11) After we review your application, we'll provide our Agreement to all qualified candidates. Qualified applicants may choose to receive a paper copy of the Agreement or download a pdf version.

Q12) Do I need to carry any Stocks / Inventory ?

A.12) initially you don't need to, and can purchase everyday products locally to start, and after 3 to 6 months once we both get a feel of the fast moving products in you market you can begin holding stocks accordingly.

Q13)Do I have to pay any Royalties?

A.13 )No!, we want you to maximize your profits.

Q14)What's planned and expected for the Franchise in the years ahead?

A.14) COMPUTRON will ;

  • Continuously look to Expand our Product and Vendor base in terms of additional Major Brand names and Top categories in I.T/ Computer , Consumer Electronics and Office products .
  • Broaden our horizons into other industries as well, example Books, Toys, Apparels', Gifts etc.,
  • Expand and increase the number of Franchise partners globally to strengthen our Purchasing Power.
  • Keep on improving and updating our e-commerce portal in terms of New and the latest Features and Technology.

Q.15) What payment options, can I offer my customers ?

A.15) You can offer Multiple payment options to your customers, including, Credit Cards, Pay Pal, Mobile payments, Cash, Wire Transfer to name a few.

Q.16) We are considering the Franchise Opportunity, in the meantime can we place Orders ?

Yes you can. Please send your enquiries to and/or

Q.17) How do we receive payments?

A.17) All forms of payments made by your customers in your country are paid into your Bank Account, could be via Credit Card,Cash, Cheques, Mobile money etc. All payments are received by you the Franchisee.

Thus, the Computron Franchise will generate increased Profits, Growth and Market Share for your Business.